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A strategy that is often overlooked, website speed optimization services are crucial to great SEO. Without ensuring that your website loads quickly for visitors, your site will likely lose conversions and revenue. Nearly half of web searchers won’t wait three seconds for a page to load before bouncing to another site.

Want to enhance your site’s user experience and rankings by improving your website speed? We can help. We offer three separate website speed optimization service plans that can help your website load at top speeds. Some effects you’ll see after implementing our services include decreased bounce rate and extended time on-page.

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What is speed optimization in WordPress?

Improving the experience of your visitors is the most important benefit of lowering your website’s loading time. This applies whether your visitors are on a mobile device or a PC. Your ranking in the search engines will also improve.

It’s no secret that users don’t like slow-loading pages, but several online tools offer detailed insights into your website’s performance. Starting with your WordPress hosting, you can optimize your WordPress website for speed.

What is speed optimization in WordPress?

Alarm bells ring for several reasons  which may cause serious concern:

Why choose my service for your website?

The importance of website speed optimization services is often overlooked, but it is critical to great SEO. Your website will likely lose conversions and revenue if it does not load quickly for visitors.

Hasibsanto.com, a well-known service name will help you to improve the quality of loading time. Our basic standard and premium plans will help you to keep engaging your audience.

Checkout Our Price Plan

Our local SEO services for small businesses are designed for three levels of effort and cost, with Advanced and Premium providing a more comprehensive scope of work. Please choose the package that best meets your needs and budget:


Small Business
$ 75 00
  • List of Features

Increase wordpress speed for google page speed insight


Mid Size Business
$ 95 00
  • List of Features

Increase wordpress speed for google page speed insight


Large or Ecommerce
$ 145 00
  • List of Features

Increase wordpress speed for google page speed insight


Most Frequently Asked Questions

From our experience as an affordable local SEO services, we have encountered specific issues and questions from clients many times. Here are the most popular questions, answered in advance for you:

You can check your website page speed using Gtmetrix, Pingdom or Google PageSpeed Insights.

Just WordPress Login and Cpanel/hosting login. Your access will be safe with me. And please remember to remove it after I’m done.

basically I need just few hours but some time 1-2 days but it depends on the workload and website. I am not so active on Friday.

I will Minify Html, CSS, javascript. I will resize the heavy images of your website. Along With Database Optimization, I will do browser caching, object caching for faster loading time.

I can reduce the loading time to 0.7-3.1 seconds where 5 second loading time is average for SEO. true be honest It Depends on Your Hosting too. But if you have a good hosting I can give you 100%.

All pages of your website will be optimized and each and every page will have faster loading time.

No, Stay relax, my speed optimization service won’t have any negative effect on your website functionality or layout because I have enough knowledge of PHP programing language.

No. I don’t provide Unlimited Revisions. I deliver order after client confirmation.

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